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What’s the connection between testosterone and sex drive?

What’s the connection between testosterone and sex drive?

Aging men may notice a decrease in their sex drive after the age of 50. Guys who do little or no regular exercise may experience a low libido as early as 30. We know that there is a reciprocal link between hormonal balance and having a healthy, active lifestyle. So, is there is a connection between testosterone production and sexual urge? Let’s find out!

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is the primary male hormone that regulates numerous bodily functions. This hormone is responsible for your strength, your endurance, but also for your physical appearance and your libido. As a young male, your body produces a high quantity of testosterone to enhance your masculine features.

Old age brings a drastic reduction in hormone production, which produces a deterioration of your masculine traits. Without the help of a testosterone booster like Testo Boost from AndroDNA, you risk losing most of the features that define your manhood, including strength, stamina and sex drive.

How do hormones influence libido?

As you grow old, the cells responsible for testosterone production regenerate at a slower rate, which results in a slow but steady decrease of hormones in your body. At this moment you start developing a beer belly as fat replaces muscle loss, and your sex drive diminishes to pave the way for disappointing sexual experiences.

The link between hormonal balance and sex urge

As we can see, hormonal balance is essential for having a high libido and a subsequently satisfying sex life. You cannot have one without the other, and as you advance in age, the importance of testosterone production grows more and more.

Fortunately, you can defy the aging process by supplying your body with testosterone-boosting supplements. This method helps you keep a fit body, and a natural sex drive long into your golden years.

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