With the world’s resources rapidly depleting scientists are looking for new methods to obtain energy, preferably at a lower cost and without producing further environmental damage. Teams of researchers from different corners of the world work together to fulfill the increasing need for free power. Some of their projects may seem peculiar at first, but if there is a possibility of creating a fossil-free source of energy, then it is worth trying. Here are the most interesting ways in which scientists are working to achieve free energy for the regular consumer:

Solar power

Renewable power produced with sunlight has already become a safe method to obtain free energy even for the standard users. Scientists are working on viable ways to replace all forms of fuel-based energy with solar power. Even if this eco-friendly dream is far from becoming a reality, it is still an attainable goal if the governments across the world implement the necessary policies. For now, you can charge some of your home appliances with the help of solar panels that convert a full day of sunlight into free energy.

Wind turbines

Using the wind to power your home is not necessarily a novelty. Farms have been using wind turbines for centuries to increase production and efficiency. However, modern wind turbines have the advantage of producing free electricity for an entire home. The only downside to placing a wind turbine near your house is the loud noise that it produces on a constant basis. If your neighbors don’t mind the occasional sound pollution, then you should try using a wind turbine to reduce your energy bill.

Hydro Power

Water is a natural energy producer. If you have a source of flowing water on your property, you can quickly build a hydro generator to achieve free energy for your home. All you need to do is to find the highest vertical point of travel and divert the water’s course through a turbine. If you lack the engineering skills to complete this project, you should contact a professional for the job. Naturally, this type of free energy is unavailable for people who live in arid zones or far from flowing streams.

Energy from compost

Gardeners know the importance of compost in the longevity of their work. However, organic fertilizers are ideal for producing free energy that can power an entire property. The whole process is based on a simple chemical reaction: the organic matter releases heat during decomposition, and you can use this energy flow to replace regular heating utilities. This project can only be done on a large property where you can fill a large area with the organic matter without experiencing the foul smell that it releases.

An air conditioning system powered by sunlight

One of the biggest dangers for the environment is the amount of energy used for air conditioning. Unfortunately, this fact loses its importance during the hot summer days. But, what if you can enjoy a fresh breeze without using any electricity? According to recent studies, this feat can be achieved if you use water heated through solar panels to fuel your air conditioning system. This process increases the use of solar-powered panels and diminishes the pressure on the surrounding environment.