When you prepare for a trip by plane the last thing you worry about is the cancellation of your flight. Unfortunately, in spite of all your close preparation, the airline can decide to leave you on the ground together with all your fellow passengers for a wide variety of reasons.

In the worst possible scenario, this could happen when you are mid-way through a journey of multiple legs and connecting flights. That moment is when you should really worry about alternative transport that could take you to your destination. Should the airline provide this option for you? Let’s find out!

Why airlines cancel flights?

Flight cancelations occur much more often than you realize. For passengers who use air travel at least four times per month, this unpleasant event takes place with an annoying recurrence. There are several reasons for which your airline may cancel your next plane trip, and they include:

  • Glitches in their scheduling system
  • Air traffic congestion
  • Natural disasters
  • Severe weather conditions
  • Aircraft technical issues

These are just a few of the causes that will more than often cancel your flight. Generally, airlines take their time before announcing the final cancellation of a scheduled flight. They often delay it for a few hours and try to solve any issues that prevent the plane from taking off, or they wait for the weather conditions to improve. In both cases, you may be left stranded on the airport with nowhere to go.

Your rights when your connecting flight is canceled

When your flight is delayed, you are in a sort of “passenger’s purgatory.” All you can do is wait around in the airport terminal hoping that a definitive solution from the airline will soon reach your ears. However, when your flight gets canceled, you need to take immediate measures in claiming compensation for your rights and escape the hell of being stuck mid-way through your trip.

Your passenger rights include a partial or total refund of the ticket price and additional compensation for the inconveniences created by the flight cancellation. If this occurs after several hours of delay, you are also entitled to food, refreshments land accommodation depending on the duration of your wait.

When to ask for alternative transport

There is a specific situation where you can ask for alternative transport to your final destination, and the airline must ensure it for you. This particular condition requires that you are on a multi-leg trip and your flight gets canceled while you are on one of the intermediary stops.

When this unpleasant event takes place, you must reach out to the airline and ask for alternative transport. One of the main conditions for receiving it is having all your flights mentioned on the same ticket. Also, all the legs in your journey must be with the same airline.

If you encounter troubles when claiming compensation from your airline, you should employ the services of a professional company in the field. Experts in passenger rights can do all the cumbersome paperwork for you and increase your chances of getting a substantial payoff for your inconveniences.